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2015 in the rearview


Holee crap. What. a. year. It’s hard to put into words just how insanely full it has been…

There were dutch pancakes in Amsterdam and the whitest beaches I have yet seen in my life in Zanzibar. There was Provence and Paris and now I suddenly love red wine and I sort of don’t know who my tastebuds are any more. There were real spelt bagels covered in cream cheese in New York and if you’re wondering if I only travel abroad to eat, then you are approximately 86% correct. I also sometimes go for the history, or because I’m obsessed with a musical and something is tangentially and interestingly related, but that’s also by the by.

In 2015 there were also weddings (plural!) Two breathless, joy-filled celebrations that passed in mere seconds, an ocean apart. All the organising and google searching and spreadsheets (I am deadly serious) and stress were worth it to wear that dress and hold hands with my person and say, it is you, it has always been you. And they were wonderful times, across the pond and here, and I am so happy to be moving into 2016 lighter and with less centrepieces to think about…

And there were the quieter moments too. Rediscovering the joy in reading, and beginning Books + Brews as a way of challenging myself to convey the feeling of reading these books, and to pick up my camera every now and then. Making an effort to get out into our city, to discover it a little more and unashamedly see some theatre just because I like the writer or it has a bankable cast. (I finally saw Branagh! Don’t even care that I’m fangirling!) I also became an auntie…not a quiet moment per se (though I have never, ever met a more chill baby*) but a wonderful addition to life all the same. I got a new job, started actually exercising regularly, listened to productivity podcasts, felt muscles literal and figurative stretching for the first time in a long time.

In the last few quiet days of the year I’ve felt 2015 being consumed in the fire and here I am emerging into 2016 reborn into the next cycle, whatever it may bring. There are seasons of life and this feels spring-like and new. And I am so excited.

Happy new year!

*I haven’t met many babies, this is true.

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