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#quantified2016: March’s R&R


cup of coffee with iphone

12 habits successful people have. 10 ways to look more luxe. 29 things you should OMG buy RIGHT NOW. Be like this, pin this, say that, feel this and be, above all, successful! Robotic…isn’t it?!

And for a whole month, I’ve been able to essentially switch off and intentionally ignore the lot. Obviously this was easiest on our honeymoon, with all social media apps deleted and a crossword app and some podcasts to replace them on long bus/train/car journeys. Though I’m kind of addicted to crosswords now, March was a necessary and revitalising month.

The catalyst for which, was a rubbish and rundown February, trying desperately to remember that I could do anything but not everything, and that I should probably give myself a break and stop trying. But after the shut down comes the reboot, and I can’t praise a timely chat with the utterly fab Mark Gilroy nearly enough. Full disclosure, Mark is a close friend of my sister’s who offered some free coaching sessions on Facebook and I thought…why not?! I went in with no expectations and resurfaced having had one of the best conversations about creativity that I’ve had in a long time, and it helped me connect more than a few wires than I had managed by musing on the topic alone. I can’t recommend an hour with Mark nearly enough.

So, after a long enough pause (for me), I am back with a plan for slowly flexing those rusty and neglected creative muscles. And best of all, I feel like something has clicked enough that I’ve finally given myself permission to be exactly what my teenage, pre-internet self was: happily imperfect. It’s too easy to get into the habit of striving for perfection. I don’t want it for myself; I want permission to be terrible at something but to enjoy doing it anyway. I want to remember what it felt like to improve and be pleased, not improve and be dissatisfied because I’m staring at something better by someone else…and really, the only person who is ever withholding that permission is me.

In April I’ll be aiming to keep that spirit alive (thanks to Gilroy’s input, I came up with a few ways of helping myself reignite creative flames). And on honeymoon I came up with a couple more. The fireflies of creative excitement in my ribcage are my favourite – let’s hope they stay awhile.

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