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#quantified2016: the lost month


Hello March.

Boy, am I glad to see you.

February was pretty tough. The first half passed in a blur of a threatening cold. I still gymmed, but I didn’t get up early, didn’t do my 10 minutes of Headspace, spent too much money buying lunch when I much prefer to make it and take it in with me. Every day I felt a little closer to being trammelled by something fluey, but it never quite blossomed into anything.

Then came the work trip – such an amazing experience, but tough on the stomach when you’re travelling abroad and you have to communicate about gluten and flour and even when you think grilled chicken can’t be a bad choice, it appears covered in gravy and you’re not sure if you should just eat the chicken, because you’re hungry and it took over an hour to appear, and you don’t speak Amharic and the waitress doesn’t speak much English, and really you just want to sleep and process the day anyway.

And when I got home: the worst stomach bug I’ve had in a long time.

(I’ll spare you the Technicolor details).

February check-in | www.lauratosney.co.uk

All in all, a disappointing month. No progress made, many habits broken. For March, I’m re-calibrating. I just finished reading Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before, which I fully loved, as I do reading anything about habit formation. It was gratifying to read about her habit trials, and her giving up of habits she didn’t feel were working for her (after a decent testing time!). As an exhibitor of Upholder tendencies too, I also feel that once I’ve committed to something I should continue, like a rule that can’t be broken…even if I only made the rule myself! (Sometimes I even think especially because I made the rule for myself, because naturally I prefer my own self-imposed boundaries to someone else’s). So it was good to see her abandoning things she truly didn’t think were worth continuing or didn’t add something positive to her life. Sometimes for me, even thoughtfully stepping back from something can feel too much like quitting and it’s hard to overcome that stigma in my own mind.

So, I’m making an effort for March to continue in a more gentle way: my body is still healing a little, so I’ve decided to make the exercise less about training and more about recovery. More yoga, swimming and switching it up in the gym with maybe some NTC workouts and some running here and there. No going HAM on strength training, and a mindful pause later in the month.

Add to that an intention to put down the electronics, and (I seriously can’t wait for this), have some scheduled time away from social media. It’s not much for most people, but when it’s your literal job, a break like that can often feel so out of reach (and is often sorely needed).

So. How’s your 2016 going? Month three! There’ll be just 9 months after that to make progress…and I fully intend to…

6 comments on “#quantified2016: the lost month”

  1. I fell slightly off the wagon in February too with just one blog post! The eternal struggle to balance work/home/preschooler with ‘me’ time is full on. Recalibration is the order of the day for me too
    too! Keep up the good work ?

  2. I had the same kind of month… What is it about February? It was full of unexpected set backs and tiredness and never getting through my “to do” list. Here’s to a better March for all of us!!

  3. Amen! I know we’re a good chunk into it, but here’s to a good March!

  4. You just saved my life! Or at least my motivation. I’ll be linking back. And also shipping off lots of warm happy vibes toward your side of the ocean!

  5. Ahh Gina! I just read your blog (which I didn’t know existed until now – love it! HOW organised does your food cupboard look, I am v. jel) Glad I could be of service 😀 x

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