Monday thoughts



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This week I am:

trying to squirrel away presents for the family before I fly to NY for Christmas * marvelling at how things can change (for the good) in the space of a few days * supremely happy to be so close to finishing the year with exciting things to look forward to in the 2014, work wise * grateful to know that I will be able to completely switch off and regenerate for two weeks over the holidays and really recharge * already thinking about my new year’s resolutions (sorry, sorry) * nerdily trying to figure out what films I’ll be watching on the plane * and then what films I’ll be watching when we’re over there (OH EM GEE August Osage County, Christmas day whaaat) * almost sad (except not really) that I’ll basically have to avoid the internet between New Year’s day and the 4th when we get home, because I absolutely do not want to know what happens in the first episode of Sherlock before I get to watch it. * thinking about decorating our flat so I feel a little bit more ‘festive’ * simultaneously wondering when it’s okay to break out the Diana Krall Christmas Album (uh, actually this may have happened already) * deciding I definitely will try making Egg Nog this year and all manner of alcoholic mulled cider * excited for a weekend at home in another couple of weeks * excited for the boy to get home * just generally excited! *

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