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“The recreational body-shaming of female celebrities matters to a great many people who look at what you have had to deal with and are reminded, with a familiar chill, that whatever women and girls achieve, we are nothing if we do not conform to society’s demented definitions of beauty.”

“Nobody told you it wasn’t enough just to be a champion athlete – you also have to put up with the sort of boring misogynist bullying designed to make an example of any woman who is successful on her own terms.”

Brilliant piece by Laurie Pennie on the news that Rebecca Adlington may or may not have had a nose job, mainly because of gutter press taunts about her appearance throughout her entire time of being a world class athlete. Because women can’t be something talented and not pretty in the eyes of the media. And then the second they do something about it, they’re some sort of hideous, self-obsessed person. The media, ladies and gentlemen…

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