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Sri Lanka: rewind to Sigiriya


Sri Lankan train

Let’s rewind these Sri Lanka posts back to the beginning…well, not the very beginning. That was Heathrow, and an old guy who proceeded to jab his finger into the little tv screen in the back of my chair for the entire flight to Doha. And it’s not the ‘beginning’ after that, our first hotel in Sri Lanka, where we sat at the bar on the shoreline and revelled in the colonial splendour of the hotel with a Lion beer (Sean) and a cocktail that wasn’t anything like it sounded in the menu (me), with its rapidly melting ice cubes and a perfectly sherbet sunset.

Sri lanka train journey to Kandy

No let’s go to the morning after that. The one where we decide to catch an 8am train to Kandy and then bargain our way to Dambulla and Sigirya with a driver.

Sigiriya Rock from the bottom, Sri Lanka

Mainly in order to see…this. The UNESCO World Heritage Site that is Sigiriya (Lion) Rock – an ancient fortress on top of a 200 metre high column of rock. Yep. We climbed up that. It was hot.

steps up to Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

Really hot.

Like, why did I forget all my hats in England, WHY, hot.

Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

But that view!! Worth it, no!?

Top of Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

It must have been school visit week all the time we were in Sri Lanka (or maybe these lucky kids get to see things like this every week? Who knows), as there were hundreds of school kids in starched white uniforms climbing up and down the rocks and steps, zipping past the sweating, dying tourists to catch up with their mates.

Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka Monkey playing on Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

Also at the top, as well as an ancient stone throne room and the remains of some beautiful frescoes, were monkeys. LOTS OF CHEEKY MONKEYS.

Behold the adorableness.

Monkeys on Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

There were tree monkeys outside our hotel room at the Heritance Kandalama too, and they had literally destroyed the chair & tables on our terrace, so while they’re cute, they’re still very wild animals…

view from Sigiriya Rock, Sri Lanka

By the time we had found our way back to the car park on this day, and our waiting driver, it almost felt like we’d been in the country a week already. Now I look back, it’s hard to believe this was only our first full day of the trip. Still to come was amazing curry, the Kandalama’s gorgeous infinity pool that felt like swimming into the middle of Kandalama lake, and so much more.

Take me back…plz?

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