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Monday reminder

March 24, 2014

too many tabs //


Oh, it’s Monday already? Relevant.

Constantly reminding myself to focus on one thing and finish it. Otherwise I end up with 50 open unread ‘tabs’ and a vague wondering as to where all my time went with little to show for it…

Monday reminder

March 3, 2014

Tina Fey // from here

Huge props to Matthew Mcconaughey for sticking out the lean years to do the things he knew he was capable of doing…and last night that Oscar was all the proof he needed. A great reminder for anyone in the middle of a really tough project. (And the thing that came out of Shelley Silas’ LSE lit fest workshop this weekend – FINISH. THAT. WORK).

Also, more Monday morning amazingness from the oscars: Ellen’s Selfie, Benedict Cumber-bombing, JLaw doing the falling thing (again).

Monday reminder

February 3, 2014

Eat Well, Travel Often //


The best feeling ever was walking into the airport on Friday with just a bag on my bag and a ticket in my hand. 2014: Eat Well, Travel Often and keep this in mind whenever a work day starts to drag.

Monday Reminder

January 20, 2014

Zachary Smith Advice I am forever trying to follow well. This weekend I cleared out a ton of clutter from the bedroom and took two giant bags of books and two more bin bags full of old clothes to the charity shop…which feels a little bit like, here – YOU throw them away, but hopefully there’s something that can be done with them. To be honest, even though I’ve moved around a few baskets of things, there somehow still doesn’t feel like any more space in the bedroom…the job continues. Also picked up a couple of nice things for the flat – just small stuff like a vase and some new tablemats, but things I felt like have been missing a while. Nearly two years we’ve been in this space and hardly decorated at all, given that the flat was nicely furnished when we moved in. We don’t plan on moving any time soon, so I’ve finally thought it’s time for some ‘us’ additions.

My weekday thing for a better tomorrow is waking up at 6.30. Yes, actually. I know. Let’s see how long that lasts…

Monday reminder

January 13, 2014

Build the new //

It’s the middle of January: pay day is forever away, and most people’s Resolutions lie in tatters behind them * I have a cough so chesty that it hardly matters that I can’t exercise, because my abs are going to be rock solid by the end of this cold anyway and it’s probably a close-run thing as to who wishes I would stop coughing most: me or my flatmate *There’s snow forecasted for the coming week but this song has me dreaming of sunny beaches and basketball courts and, well, happy. Besides that I have some serious hen planning to do (for the sister), just finished Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, hooked on the opening few pages of Kate Atkinson’s Life After Life, and have some over-ripe bananas that would perfectly suit being made into these banana bread granola bars. The First Mess is an absolute treasure trove of gluten free and vegan recipes. So do yourself a favour: ditch the ‘diet’ and just…add a few more veggies, glasses of water and good things into your life. Good times.

(Slightly late) Monday reminder

January 7, 2014

PInned here.

Slightly late ‘Monday’ reminder – relevant to January and everything I try to cram into my life that I so desperately want to do/try/be but forget that there are finite resources of time, energy and money (sob). In other news, we had some very ad-hoc engagement drinks last night – hastily arranged at the airport when we thought Sean had to leave on Wed – and basking in that lovely warm glow this morning of having wonderful people for friends. Also! Stay of execution: Sean doesn’t have to go back to Africa until Saturday! YAY!