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November 22, 2014

Good morning! Can you believe it’s nearly December? Is it just me or did this year go by like lightening? Barely a roll of thunder remains to carry you into 2015… the Christmas lights are up (I made a ‘tree’ because we have entirely no space for a proper one) and I’m mulling all the apple juice and wine because this is what dark evenings call for. Anyway, it’s grey and overcast here and I have 5 hours of singing ahead of me. But you…you can sit and read about all the lovely internet things. With a cup of tea. Just for a minute…

* A jacket of the future for the supremely directionally-challenged (i.e. me)

* The loveliest of TedEds: Why Elephants Never Forget

* Did you see the dreadful ‘Barbie: a Computer Engineer’ book? I mean, sure, a company that can’t get a girl’s feet-to-body ratio correct probably can’t comprehend the fact that women can code their own computer games. But the internet CAN so, feast your eyes on the gloriousness that is #FeministHackerBarbie.

* The coolest-looking way to donate to charity. When this is a real thing, it will be AMAZING.

* Five great thoughts to live by.

* The secret language of girls on instagram (tbh, so true)

* More beautiful things have been pinned!

* 10 proven ways to make or break a habit

* How to wake up early and get your workout done for the day


November 8, 2014

Raise your hand if you’ve been following the conversations taking place after Hollaback released this video of a woman walking around NYC to a chorus of catcalls, whistles and general street harassment. I’ve been pretty busy this week and it hasn’t left a lot of time for reading, but it does fascinate me. I’ve, and all the female friends I’ve talked to about this, have experienced almost all the stuff in the video at one time or another (the insults when you don’t stop to talk, being told to “smile” for the benefit of guys, the silent ones that walk intimidatingly beside you or behind you when you don’t respond to them, the “i’m just saying hello” excuse etc etc). So, it fascinates me that some guys feel it is so intrinsically their right to behave like this, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes a woman (or girl, because let’s be honest – how young were you when you first encountered this?) feel.

So here’s a few links of thread I’ve been following – and some that I’ve bookmarked to read about, such as the way racism intersects with sexism in the video when all the white catcalls (for whatever reason) are edited out…

– The original hollaback! video
– The ultimate bro responds to Amanda Seales saying “we do not like this, this should stop” on a CNN spot about it, with literally “that’s never gonna happen” and if she doesn’t like catcalling and doesn’t feel safe, then she should “leave NYC” and “buy a gun”. I mean…really. Even the anchor loses it at that point.
– Elon James White calls out the guys using the ‘I’m just saying hello, not catcalling’ excuse in the best way possible: highlighting through humour just how much that is total rubbish with #DudesGreetingDudes.
– A thoughtful response to the lack of white men in the hollaback video over at The Mary Sue. <– because being made uncomfortable happens whatever you’re wearing

– The Advertising Standards Agency bans the Sun’s ”Start a fantasy football team, win a page 3 girl” competition after they find it to be sexist.
– The John Lewis Christmas ad is out…
– John Oliver’s puppy Supreme Court is the BEST THING EVER.
Shelter refuses to take any money from Dapper Laughs’ godawful “christmas single” that he says is to “help the homeless” <– here’s what he actually thinks of homeless people
– Look at these gorgeous paper sculptures! And you can buy them from Wolfram Kampffmeyer’s Etsy shop.
– November 4th: the day when you’re essentially working for free from then until the new year, ladies.
– A ballet-inspired wedding shoot


September 27, 2014

Photo borrowed from here

It’s Saturday! I’m in the Shire! Off for a walk in the sunny fresh air soon, and it’s exactly what I need. If you’re relaxing with a nice cup of something hot, then here’s a few bits and bobs…

– Interesting analysis on why women don’t apply to jobs unless they meet 100% of the criteria

English Heritage list of places in the UK to visit for that beautiful Autumn colour

– Props to this guy in Leeds who figured out how to make money from those annoying PPI calls

– The phenomenal finalists of the 2014 Wildlife Photographer of the Year (honestly, some of these terrify me)

Hilary Clinton’s expression when she’s asked the second question here says it all really…

Have a  great weekend!


September 20, 2014

I’m so excited it’s the weekend! After a heavy workload for a couple of weeks, I’m glad to have a couple of days to lie flat on my face and do nothing; Chief basically has the right idea. Maybe there’ll be a bit of cycling in there, and some errands and maybe brunch, and damn, I do have my final long run before the 10k next week but other than that…! I will not be moving for the world. Here’s some weekend reading for you – have a good one!

– The Disruption Myth

– there’s a giant Hippo in the Thames! I can confirm, it’s adorable.

– The theory of awesomeness

– Time for weekend pinning… Current loves: these gorgeous textiles by Caitlin Wilson and this Apple Crisp ice cream recipe from Fabtastic Eats. Yes!!

– My favourite coverage that came out of the Scottish Indyref was basically John Oliver’s spot. #Unicorn

– Food 52’s 8 favourite food blogs of the week

– 16 instagram accounts that will make you dream of Ireland

– How long would it take you to read the entirety of the Game of Thrones? Or Anna Karenina? This infographic can tell you.

– Moleskine released a coffee journal. Oh. Yes.

– I never found bull terriers cute until these adorable photo/illustrations


September 13, 2014

Got your coffee? Got your salted pistachio chocolate? (You need some of this in your life) Good. Sip and read on…

10 college hacks that actually stand up outside the dorm, including: mcguyvered-one-cup-coffee brewing, how to chill drinks fast & how to stop your drinks stacks taking up all that fridge space.

The Kitchn Cure – an Autumn clear-out guide to organising your kitchen workspace

– Just in case Youtubers have passed you by, here’s an article about a couple. There’s like a zillion more of them…

British female jihadis are running al-Khanssaa, an all-women militia set up by IS in Raqqa, Syria

– There are just FIVE female CEOs in the FTSE100. Who are they?

The inside story of how Microsoft killed the Courier, i.e. the only tablet I’ve ever, ever wanted to own and Microsoft were all “BUT THE EMAIL. WHERE IS THE EMAIL”. Sigh.

– “if money were no object”

– Viking Warriors: also actually female

Latest pinspiration (slow cooker baked apples, rainy scenes, all the autumnal things and the most beautiful J.Crew scarf ever)

– And finally, 50 brilliant long reads for your e-reader