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#quantified2016: the lost month

March 8, 2016

Hello March.

Boy, am I glad to see you.

February was pretty tough. The first half passed in a blur of a threatening cold. I still gymmed, but I didn’t get up early, didn’t do my 10 minutes of Headspace, spent too much money buying lunch when I much prefer to make it and take it in with me. Every day I felt a little closer to being trammelled by something fluey, but it never quite blossomed into anything.

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#quantified2016: one month down

January 31, 2016

Day designer planner review

January, that long, depressing, wet and poor month is finally at an end. You probably listened to all the goal-setting podcasts. You charged that gym membership. You bought a nutribullet and juiced ALL THE THINGS.

I didn’t actually write a post about this before the turning of the calendar, but I did do my goal-setting at the beginning of the year. Happily most of them were continuations of things I’d started to put in place in 2015…

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