Bank holiday saturday

May 28, 2016

relaxing in bed with pinterest and a coffee

It’s raining on and off, but the husband made pancakes and there’s coffee and  Pinterest and things slowly happening on this Bank Holiday weekend. Hope yours is relaxing!

Sri Lanka: rewind to Sigiriya

May 16, 2016

Sri Lankan train

Let’s rewind these Sri Lanka posts back to the beginning…well, not the very beginning. That was Heathrow, and an old guy who proceeded to jab his finger into the little tv screen in the back of my chair for the entire flight to Doha. And it’s not the ‘beginning’ after that, our first hotel in Sri Lanka, where we sat at the bar on the shoreline and revelled in the colonial splendour of the hotel with a Lion beer (Sean) and a cocktail that wasn’t anything like it sounded in the menu (me), with its rapidly melting ice cubes and a perfectly sherbet sunset.

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#bucketlistsummer2016: strawberry coconut popsicles

May 8, 2016

coconut strawberry popsicles recipe

London has decreed it is officially summer… the sun is sunning, hayfever is hayfevering, and iced tea becomes the drink of choice. Also, I want to eat allll the ice cream. ALlll of it.

These lollipops (or popsicles if you are American/spend too much time on Pinterest) are a cinch to make and take about 15 minutes max to throw together. Also the first time I’ve used coconut milk in anything rather than dairy. It’s SO GOOD OMG.

coconut strawberry popsicles recipe

I used Sugar & Cloth’s recipe, but omitted the balsamic vinegar, and eyeballed the sugar because I haven’t tried the whole strawberry-balsamic thing and yeah it sounds nice, but I like my ice cream to be sweeeet… but maybe I’ll branch out soon >.<
coconut strawberry popsicles recipeIt’s time for a second one right? Ice cream for breakfast? All right then…

Tea for Two

April 28, 2016

Ella gap sunrise, sri lanka

From Dambulla/Sigirya (which I haven’t even blogged about yet, so that’s fun) and a two-hour chunder bus later, we made it to Kandy. And after a pleasant night involving the Temple of the Tooth, some interesting Kandyan dancing and yet more excellent curry, we headed on to Nuwara Eliya/Ella…

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Coeliac travel: Sri Lanka

April 25, 2016

travelling sri lanka as a coeliac

Before we departed for our [uhmazing] honeymoon, I scoured the internet for advice about travelling around as a coeliac. Most of it seemed a bit panicked: “no-one knows what the word wheat is! It could be everywhere! I stuck to plain rice and chicken!”

As a consequence, I went out with a toiletries bag that was probably 60% pepto bismol and immodium tablets…but thankfully came back with (nearly) all of it. Oh, and the food is hella tasty. Here’s a few things I found on the trip:

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April 11, 2016

swimming pool |


^ a project to keep me spending time doing more and shopping less, appreciating more and coveting less, creating more and consuming less. Most of my list involves food, because I basically think about it all the time. It also helps me make the most of a season that isn’t my favourite, because my natural state is several layers of wool and jumpers and a yearning for rainy day.

So who fancies joining me?! Make your own summer bucket list (as big or small as you like!) and hashtag #bucketlistsummer2016 ️


  • make ice lollies
  • have a picnic (with some frisbee action)
  • BBQ outdoors
  • go camping
  • new country walks
  • make some good iced tea/iced coffee
  • hire bikes
  • find a summer soundtrack
  • have a bonfire? (bit difficult when you live in London, but a girl can dream)
  • have a water balloon fight
  • perfect a new up-do
  • make something lemonadey
  • make something smoresy (maybe these? Or no-bake frozen smores)
  • pick your own berries (and make strawberry cheesecake…or jam)
  • check out a new GF bakery
  • visit the lavender fields
  • day trip to a national trust property
  • make ice cream
  • play tennis
  • fly a kite
  • go to a fair

What do you think – have I missed off something that just screams ‘summer!!’ to you? Let me in on your summer bucket list in the comments :)


April 8, 2016

gluten free mini birthday donuts

gluten free mini donuts

gluten free mini donuts

30 years old tomorrow! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? WHAT WILL MAKE THIS BETTER?! Here, take these gluten free mini donuts (made with this recipe – don’t skip the nutmeg, it really makes them delicious) and buy all the anti-ageing cream. Or I would if I still didn’t get asked for ID, so, IDK, maybe I’m good for a bit. Is then when I start adulting? What does that entail?