How to get Manager budget buy-in for photography


Getting management buy-in to spend budget on photography is tough but it can be done! Here’s three top tips for how to get budget buy-in from your communications manager.

If you work at a charitable organization that doesn’t currently value great photography, getting buy-in from the people above you to spend more on it can be a bit of a struggle.

While most managers can see the value of the campaign ‘hero’ shots – you know the ones that are plastered all over advertising or the cover of your annual review – they may not understand how imagery powers every day communications. It’s up to you to show them how great photography can make your work better:

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How to stop overusing the same 3 images


Great photos are a key part of any charity’s communications strategy, but the best ones are often overused – how does that harm your engagement with supporters, and how can you prevent it? Here’s my top 5 tips for not overusing images in your charity’s online communications!

Great images haven’t been a ‘nice to have’ for a long time.

…instead they’re now a key component of a successful digital strategy…but they’re often the thing that gets put on the back burner for charities until a dire need arises (like, until you need them for that big fundraising campaign, or the dreaded Annual Review deadline starts to sneak up on you…yep, been there!)

Shot at Koakaka Coffee Cooperative for The Challenges Group
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