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Books + Brews*: Arsenic for Tea


BREW: Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate

BOOK: Arsenic for Tea – Robin Stevens

When I think of summer reading, I think of cycling to the library, loading up on Asterix, Jane Austen and books with first names for titles and dragging them, blankets, snacks, and half the series of Mallory Towers into a teepee in the garden. My mum could whip up a teepee in minutes. And you’d usually find me there, all snack carcasses and finished books, come rain or shine. So when I started reading the Wells and Wong series, and realised it is basically Mallory Towers with murder (but you know, better than my description), and that it is technically summer even though you’d never know it from the weather, I thought…why not bring out the teepee…?

It may not surprise you to learn that I am now much too big for a bamboo stick teepee. This was disappointment number 1. Disappointment number 2 is realising that Keurig cup hot chocolate does not taste the same if it hasn’t been made with a Keurig machine. This is my plan for drinking all the Dunkin Hot Chocolate whilst not in the US scuppered, I tell thee. But back to the books. I am in utter love with this series: Daisy Wells and Hazel Wong are schoolgirl detectives extraordinaire, running around Deepdean School for Girls attempting to solve crimes and forming a secret detective agency. Narrated by Hazel, an international student from Hong Kong, it’s as much a wonderful study of the absurdities of British people and their education system in the 30’s as it is a romp of a read. They’re also fantastic books for when you decide you really should have read the Bell Jar by now, and frankly things look a bit bleak afterwards until there are more shrimps and bunbreaks in your life. If you’re a fan of mini female Watsons and Holmes’ mixed with a tiny dash of Enid Blyton, then these books are absolutely for you.


* Books + Brews: a new, hopefully-regular bit on the blog where I talk about what [books] I’m reading now and accompanying [brews]. Brews loosely termed here to mean some sort of tea/coffee/cocktail/beverage. Because what is a book without a brew, yes? Also, it was probably odd to start off with hot chocolate. Oh well.

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  1. Oh my gosh, you crack me up! (Making a K-Cup without a Keurig???) Love the “Book + Brews” concept, and your pictures are dreamy! Makes me want to be a kid again, even though I never had a teepee like this…

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