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Books + brews: Career of evil



BREW: countless Utica Coffee Roasting decaff lattes
BOOK: Career of Evil – Robert Galbraith

Is anyone else so bad at horror tension that they couldn’t watch the whole of Scream? Anyone? Oh. I’m not a regular crime-reading person, but I do love a good thriller now and then. Which is weird, because I have legit screamed when people I already knew were in my flat have opened the door and said hello. (I just was just concentrating very hard on making a cup of tea, okay?)

So it wasn’t the wisest decision to read the opening chapters of RG’s darkest of the Cormoran Strike series in a room on my own, late at night ‘before I go to sleep‘. ‘To help me drop off‘. Wiser decisions I have made before. It’s the sharpest, twistiest of the novels, with far more emotion (oh my gosh, will they won’t they? WHY are they? WHY ARE THEY NOT?). I love this series so much, I actually pre-ordered the book to have it on the release-day while we were on holiday in the US.

In this, the third of the series, there are some Robin revelations, and more plot twists than you can brandish a knife at. And there are lots of knives in this particular book. But the twist that had me most was the VERY LAST LINE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY EMOTIONS ROBERT GALBRAITH? In retrospect, I felt the final third of the book a little too drawn out, but the pace doesn’t drop so you don’t really notice you feel that way until you actually find out whodunnit. If you love a well-written thriller with two finely carved protagonists (including the wonderfully layered female joint-lead Robin), then why haven’t you started reading these yet?

…just, you know, don’t do it on your own.

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