books + brews: the girl on the train


I have never before felt hungover/vaguely seasick while reading a novel. I mean, I’m a fairly visceral person, and if I read something it’s like a physical re-enactment of it, but…oof. The Girl on the Train had me feeling pretty darn queasy.

Fast-paced and super creepy, this is the first book I’ve felt compelled to return to asap for quite a while. You know, one of those books you pull out for the ten minute bus journey even though you know you’re likely to actually miss your stop because you’ll be too engrossed?

Rachel gets the same train to work every morning, sees the same faces…including ‘jess and jason’, the seemingly-perfect couple who live opposite a signal where the train usually idles in the morning. Rachel is also a functioning alcoholic, though, the ‘functioning’ part can be questioned as time goes on. Then one day she sees something that upsets her whole idea of their perfect lives and perfect relationship. And then she makes a terrible decision.

This is a narrator as unreliable as any terrible metaphor you can come up with, and makes for a great thriller – I hate to say it, but the hype is right…if you loved Gone Girl, you’re very likely to love this too.

(PS: thank you Blookclub for putting it on your list & sorry for not getting to the meetup…? will be at the next one!)

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