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Books + Brews: Nora Ephron |

BREW: dirty chai, Damson & Co
BOOK: The Most of Norah Ephron – Norah Ephron

Ah Nora. The Nora. Screenwriter, Director and Producer of some of my favourite films…Do I know You’ve Got Mail backwards? Why, yes, yes I do, because Tom Hanks carrying a goldfish in a little bag is the cutest thing ever, and I desperately wanted Meg Ryan’s hair. And bookshop. Was the soundtrack to When Harry Met Sally teenage-me’s gateway jazz album of choice? Absolutely. She could make you fall in love with cities you’d never before wished to go to, and her people who inhabited them. So when this book came my way on twitter after a casual competition RT (thank you @alisonbarrow!), that pretty much made my week <3 Wellesley alumna, wit, word wizard…someone who always ended an article with the perfect sentence. Nora Ephron was everything I wished to be as a writer and creative woman.

So while I knew the more recent articles and commencement speeches and films, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed dipping into this book on the commute and on coffee stops, and learning more about her early days in journalism at the New York Post, her navigation of feminism and Wellesley-related hang-ups. Admittedly, some of the early stories can be as frustrating as they are tantalising. Like being at a dinner party with a table of guests, half of whose names you didn’t catch and it’s now just a liiiittle too late to ask them because it would be rude, and half the time you have no idea who they are and what they’re referring to. What I mean to say is, even though I studied American politics and history, a quarter of the cast of her early political columns are unknown to me and that can be a little vexing with a style so familiar and knowing as hers.

That said, there are about 50 turned down ‘remember this quote’ page corners, and it pairs excellently with a decaff dirty chai and a few moments to yourself. Dip in, put down, dip in, put down. If you’re in soho, Damson & Co froth the world’s most perfect milk. ☕️? 10/10, would drink again, etc, etc.

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