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the versions of us and hot chocolate and blankets snowy weather hot chocolate |

snowy weather hot chocolate |


BREW: the fattest, tastiest hot chocolate (real cream and real chocolate…dec.a.dent)
BOOK: The Versions of Us – Laura Barnett

This books+brews is dedicated to the storm that has not graced us in the UK with its presence, but I’m living vicariously through my East Coast friends who are literally up to their waists in snow. What do you need when it’s snowy? Real hot chocolate. I’m talking double cream, milk and grated dark chocolate…none of yer cadburys powder here.

And here’s the perfect book to curl up with while the storm rages outside. I’ll always love a ‘what if?’ book – Kate Atkinson’s Life after Life was one of my favourite reads of 2014, so if you haven’t read that either it should definitely be on your list. The Versions of Us is pretty ambitious: three versions of Eva and Jim make their way through their respective lives… and it’s interesting to consider the idea that no matter what, the large events in your life may be fated to happen in some manner, whichever road you chose that leads you there. All three Eva and Jims were at Cambridge, all three ended up in New York at some point, all three in the book are fated to meet. Actually, because of this mirroring in their stories, and the use of so many similar names, The Versions of Us is a little confusing in the beginning – wait, is this the version where Jim does X or is that Version 2? is Eva married in this one? Balls. Flip back a bit, won’t you? There was, I have to admit, an embarrassing amount of re-reading the first few chapters like a table of contents, but as their stories began to diverge more, it became a little easier to keep the strands separate.

So grab a blanket and a mug of something warm, and join me in pretending that there are soft, silent flakes of frozen water vapour falling from the dull London sky. Maybe grab a journal too, because you are no doubt going to fall down a thought wormhole of your own, thinking of choices made and roads untaken. Pro tip: not being able to leave the house is good when you get to the end of this book, because you’re going to want to hide your puffy, red eyes for a little bit. (I for one am glad I chose not to read the last twenty pages or so on the tube. Because that would have been concerning for anyone remotely near me when I started ugly crying).

Next books+brews: will I have managed to get more than 1/4 into The Witches: Salem 1692? Will I just end up reading fangirl for the 20th time, because I need my Rainbow Rowell hit? Will I actually branch out from hot drinks and finally make some fancy cocktails? Whoo knows. You don’t yet, so you should probably come back soon and see…oh and drop me a comment on your way – tell me what you’re reading 🙂

PS: the beautiful cover was designed by Sinem Erkas who also did that amazing Where’d you Go Bernadette cover…

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