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“Whoever your parents are, however you’ve been brought up, at some point it’s like the film jaws: “I’m gonna need a bigger boat”…you make yourself out of whoever your heroes are, out of poetry, out of music…”

Just gotten out of Caitlin Moran’s warm up gig for her upcoming book tour for How To Build A Girl and “I’m pumped. I’m monumentally pumped.” She says, quoting something from a film she can’t remember the name of and a character who is blurry in her mind but nonetheless this quote stayed with her, these words stayed with her, as they are always bound to do. Somehow.

Caitlin Moran is my shining beacon in a sea of misogynist meh, because she advocates everything i want as a feminist: the equality, the freedom, the right to be seen as a person and not a thing, the right to be funny about it and chat crap for a time and talk about defining experiences and body hair and not be shouted down in a sea of not all men.

And it’s not about making people feel bad about themselves or like the vast majority men feel like they shouldn’t be the good people they are, but to say, excuse me but do *you*, as a male of the species, have to fit this impossible standard too? If the answer is “no”, then perhaps we might turn this car around, and consider why our expectations for men and women are so wildly different as to expect, say, a particular type of genital to be present when kicking a ball around a field (as a prerequisite for prime time television coverage). And why women, come the summer, have “practically a Siamese twin to deal with” (as Caitlin Moran has it) in terms of personal grooming because all of a sudden leg hair waxing and fake tanning and all levels of sheer arse have to happen before we can step outdoors, but guys can just ram on a pair of shorts and, socially, they’re deemed perfectly acceptable. Seriously, men, have you ever thought about the dry skin capping your heels in a hard Parmesan sort of casing right now? No? Shall I show you the plethora of articles in women’s magazines about how we ladies should be taking care of this stuff now the sun is out? Yeah, I can’t fathom it either.

Anyway. For everyone who has tickets to Caitlin Moran’s upcoming tour, you are in for a raucous, rude, hilarious treat my friends. I’m almost jealous, because you have the joy to look forward to! Come on How To Build A Girl, get on my Kindle already….

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