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Before Dunkin Hot Chocolate held the ultimate in my hot chocolate affections (a real thing, rest assured) there was this drink called Chantico. It came out of Starbucks in a tiny size, with raspberry or peppermint syrup (if you wanted). Though it wasn’t long before they pulled it from the menu because, let’s face it, even they balk at what was probably a day’s calories in a cup.

hot chocolate |

Whenever I think about it I’m ten years in the past, walking through a wintery DC, with John Legend’s music in my head and a cup of this in my hand. Turns out it’s not that hard to emulate: some cream, some milk, some chocolate…voila. A day’s calories in a cup.

hot chocolate |

It isn’t really cold enough for this yet (and it hasn’t even been rainy enough to crack out the My Fair Lady dvd…what gives, weather?) but I suppose I didn’t let that stop me. It’s a fine accompaniment to the latest books I have on the go…mainly Sherlock and Sherlock spin-offs (“Moriarty” anyone?) as a way of escaping this insane election/brexit/hurricane/Syrian devastation news cycle. Chocolate is indeed a balm when all around you feels just a little bleak.

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