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Cornwall, camping and…something else alliterative


Welp. Have been back at work an entire week (just about) and the stored-up serotonin is already draining away. Shame, because Cornwall is gorgeous. Gorgeous, if terrifying to drive around – it has ALL THE HILLS and miles of ridiculously tiny roads. Seriously, I thought Northumberland was occasionally hairy, but Cornwall is something *else*

…But so, so worth it though. To say we were only there a couple of nights and one full day, we squeezed a lot into our mini-mini break, bombing around from our campsite on the cliffs above Cawsand, to Tintagel (birthplace of Arthurian legengs!), to Polperro and still had time for a dip in the (freezing!) sea at Trebarwith.

Tintagel is beaut: the ruins of a medieval castle perched on the top of a crazy-high cliff, plus the perfectly-preserved foundations of the town surrounding the castle, which is so amazing and neat that you can walk through the rooms and corridors of the houses and imagine their proportions perfectly.

Cornwall was a two-birds-with-one-stone trip for me…I’ve wanted to go for aaages; ever since I heard it was as beautiful as Northumberland but with swimable-temperatute seas. I’m going to dispute this, because WOW was it cold in that water, but still, a dip in the sea is a dip in the sea, and I haven’t been swimming in the waves since a trip to Cape Cod about 3 years ago now.

So yes, scratching THAT off the list was brilliant, but also: shooting during Golden Hour! I’ve wanted to for a while but not really had any good ‘subjects’, or really any time free in that particular part of the evening, but that sort of light is a total gift for a practicing photographer.

Check us out with our classy Morrisons bags and disposable BBQs. Yeah. We’re novice campers. Also, that’s not a brick under there, that was a wood block…one which I had to douse with water when I realised, uh, those flames weren’t that high when – OMGSETTINGTHECAMPSITEONFIRE! The boys were a bit upset for a moment when they thought I’d doused the sausages in water too, but no, no food was harmed in the saving of this brittle grass…the wood block was a goner, but the grass surprisingly fine! Lesson learned…

The campsite was also gorgeous, and, hilariously, filled to the brim with people that looked like the originators of all hipsters from Shoreditch. But beautiful views over the cliff down to the bays…and when the moon shone at night over that water – ! I wish I could have taken a photo that did it justice. I guess I’ll just have to go back soon and see…!

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