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Enter 2015, stage left


2015 is stretching out in front of us – quite languidly at this point, given most people don’t go back to work until the 5th (sorry, all you freelancers who’ve not really stopped working over the break). We saw in the first day of the year on top of Glastonbury Tor, being buffeted on all sides by the wind and mizzle. It was brilliant.

Have you written a 2015 goal list yet? Do you even? I love doing it…though this year it’s taking a little longer to coalesce, because sometimes it’s difficult to hear your own voice and needs in the middle of all the noise and shoulds and ought tos. One thing’s for sure though, 2015 will definitely be about more minimalism, less unnecessary stuff and less unnecessary decisions.

I’m piling podcasts up to listen to on the commute and running, including The Lively Show, Office Hours, Beyond the To-do List, The Art of Simple and the final two episodes of Cabin Pressure, which I still haven’t had a chance to listen to yet…

Happy New Year everyone!

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