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Bruges |

(^ except this photo was taken in Bruges).

But oh my goodness, get yourself to Ghent. It is beautiful, and dreamy, and everyone should do the free walking tour with Fabian (except maybe not because then we’ll hear the same stories and you might write that novel before I do).

Belgian golden hour, Bruges |

Bruges canals |

But then do nip to Bruges for a day trip and some more chocolate and stepped rooves and about 5 billion types of Belgisch biere (if you can drink it) and one type of red wine (if you can’t).

the stepped rooves of Bruges |

In the evening, speed on back to Ghent and your impeccable air BnB and feel glad that you’re escaping the 5 billion tourists drinking the 5 billion types of biere. Nip into Pols instead and try as many types of Jenever as you can handle.

Pol's Jenever, Ghent |

Pol's Jenever, Ghent |

Pol's Jenever, Ghent |

If you’re here in the autumn, wander out to the castle in the mid-morning mist and imagine the Stropdragers parading their ghostly selves through the town…then hole up in a pub to warm up and toast your 11 years of coupledom and all the years of exploring to come.

Belgian flag from Ghent castle |

Ghent fog |
Dank je Ghent for a beautiful weekend; I can’t recommend you enough!

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