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Hever Castle


The great side-effect of my fiance’s work stints away is that, when he’s here, we always make a priority to hire a car and go out for day trips around the South of England. Cue more “there-are-things-Ive-read-about-in-books-and-I-need-to-see-them” adventures; this time at Hever Castle, home at a point in history to the Boleyn family. You’re not allowed to take photos inside (for why?!) and my sneaky iPhone shots of the Henvy VIII bedstead/Anne Boleyn’s room were rubbish…hence why all these are exterior (and mainly garden) shots. We have to head out to find him a new suit now, so I won’t wax lyrical as per usual, but go if you can – there’s a particular leaded window looking down into the small courtyard where you can imagine being Anne (or Mary), watching the court’s most famous residence arrive at your house…that’s worth a trip, no?


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