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Horton Plains Sri Lanka


Getting up at 4am on your honeymoon isn’t really that bad when you get to see this…

Horton Plains, Sri Lanka

Horton Plains, Sri Lanka

Hiking through the thawing land with the hot sun on your back is the most delicious feeling.

Horton Plains, Sri Lanka Horton Plains, Sri Lanka

The air is cold and the sky so blue and in between overtaking small knots of other walkers here and there, you feel like you could be the only people around…

Horton Plains, Sri LankaWell, until you come across the loudest Japanese and German tourists ever. Honestly.

But them aside, the whole point of this circular track (which we later realised we’d done backwards, if there is such a thing) is to get to this beautiful point: World’s End.

Horton Plains, Sri Lanka

Nothing but misty mountain tops and landscape for miles in front (and a German girl making a vlog about it on her iphone behind you ?). But still, nothing but misty mountain-tops and landscape for miles in front…

Horton Plains, Sri Lanka


World's End Sri Lanka |

The night before Horton Plains/World’s End we stayed in Ferncliff, (once the colonial home of a British General/Governor (I think?)) that literally served us the best cup of tea we have ever had. Ever. Also lovely during our incredibly short stay in the area:  sundowners on the terrace of the Grand Hotel.

This is a bit of a random documentation of our trip, as it happened somewhere in the middle, but oh well, more to come…

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