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June avec jumpers


Yep, those are brand new sandals, tags still attached, waiting for the moment when it stops raining. Because it will…won’t it?! It’s June and ‘meeting a friend for a wander in the park’ swiftly became ‘hiding out indoors with a hot chocolate becauseWHYSOCOLD?’.

Oh well. At least I got an hour on my board yesterday, and this afternoon was spent indoors with tons of tea and amazing home made cake and people celebrating the return from Nepal of one of my favourite/oldest university friends.

Oh, and I finished Admission, which is brilliant and I read on a whim. It’s brilliant and dense and despite an overuse of the word ‘myriad’ and a tendency to rant on about the actual Princeton admissions process/applicants, it’s a beautiful, winding exploration of admissions in every sense of the word. And apparently now a film…that seems to bear little-to-no resemblence to the book. In fact, the entire apex of the novel is revealed in the first 2 minutes of the trailer, so…yeahhh. But hey, Tina Fey’s the lead, and Tina Fey is awesome, so you know I’ll probably be watching it next week anyway.

Monday comes all too soon…

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