Little Adam's Peak, sri lanka

Contentment is a happy, heavy feeling. It’s a down duvet, moulding itself to your limbs. It’s a slow, deep breath that radiates softly at the edges.

We’re home from honeymoon in Sri Lanka; it was joyous and long and short and tiring and relaxing all at once; what a treat it was! We’ve never had a holiday like it.

Today I’m happy (content) to be home, listening to two of my favourite podcasts, pottering about the kitchen and considering a binge of Brooklyn 99 with the roast dinner later, which is my new favourite show thanks to the random series 3 episodes on the plane (on another note, why do airlines do that? They can’t just have the first five episodes of the first series or something?). Also lovely: walking to the shop to get milk and it being not so humid that you feel like you just stepped out of a shower. Spring time is here!

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