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Mango Sport // fitness range: 1. Slimming effect leggings 2. Technical active sweatshirt 3. Yoga cool down t-shirt 4. Motion Stretch t-shirt

With my two month cold (!) finally abating somewhat, I’ve started getting back out on the road and thinking about upcoming 10ks and even (whisper it) putting in for the Royal Parks ballot…because frankly if I’m going to do another half marathon it’s going to be somewhere with better weather. Sorry Newcastle, but running in sodden trainers for 13.1 miles isn’t something I’m dying to repeat.

Anywho, with a resurgence of movement comes a resurgence of the urge to buy everything in the Sweaty Betty/Nike catalogues. But when you don’t want to fork out £80 for a pair of leggings (even totally dreamy ones) there are a few other places that are pretty good. I nipped into H&M this evening to grab a pair of bargainous £7.99 yoga shorts that I’m going to use for Bikram. H&M aren’t terrible, and actually their leggings are really comfy, but the patterns are usually a bit dire and the material they use for their vests…fully weird. Still, you can’t go wrong at that price.

A colleague of mine training for the London marathon was wearing a gorgeous adidas jacket today, which I’ve failed to find on the website, but I did come across this lush Studio Sweatshirt that would be perfect for post-yoga cooldowns. Which brings me to the above-pictured range that I came across through the usual marketing email. Mango look like they’ve actually put a decent amount of thought into it: flatlock seams, concealed pockets for keys (with zips!) and long sleeves with thumb holes. I don’t know how likely I am to fork out £45 for a sweatshirt from a completely untested brand though…and I have to say that I hate it when brands put their activewear on models that look like they don’t really…well, eat – never mind actually run.

I’m definitely tempted by the Motion stretch t-shirt anyway. Perhaps as a birthday treat…

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