I take documentary, story-driven photos to showcase your organisation’s great work. Based in South East Asia (currently, Vietnam), previous clients include UNICEF, Getty, FAO (UN), and more.

At the heart of my work is this simple vision: for all charities, NGOs, and philanthropic organisations to have access to attention-grabbing images to effectively tell their story.


Because I’ve spent a good chunk of my working life so far as the Digital Manager for charities, and I know the true value of great imagery. I also know how frustrating it is to have to use the same four photos over and over, while trying to convey to supporters how their money is funding great work. Writing is important, but a stunning photo? It conveys your message in seconds. It hammers home exactly what you want to say, and it does it almost instantly.

Your supporters, donors, patrons and customers want to understand your work better, and know what they’re supporting is helping. So don’t just tell them: show them with inspiring photography.

As a photographer I'm against...

          • Badly taken photos that are blurry, dark, and generally uninspiring
          • The mad scramble for finding social media or report-worthy photos
          • Having to use the same five photos from 3 years ago over and over again
          • Blah stock imagery!
          • Unbranded photos that don’t show your team doing amazing work

As a photographer I'm for...

          • Images full of emotion and the truth of the moment
          • Giving you abundant options for illustrating your work
          • Being available to help you capture your work throughout the year, so you’re not relying on the same images again and again
          • Branded photos, but best of all: images that get to the very heart of what your work is about.


I’m a Yorkshire lass from the UK currently based in Hanoi, Vietnam after nearly three years in Kigali, Rwanda. I have a Masters in Journalism, a decade of communications work under my belt, and a deep, deep love for visual storytelling. I also started the monthly #kigaliphotowalk, while in Rwanda, to bring together photography lovers for some relaxed photography practice around the city.

When I’m not behind my camera, I love playing basketball, baking all the gluten-free goodies I can eat, and reading all the books. You can find me on Instagram, and you can email me here. Let’s have a chat about working together.