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Nothing feels like…London Rain


There’s nothing more amusing than picking up your American former-College-roomie on her first trip to London and apologising for the dreadful weather, only to be told, “but this is exactly how I pictured it!”

London, your reputation precedes you.

I whisked her on a whistlestop visit of everywhere touristy I could possibly think of…with a few pit-stops at my favourite coffee shops, restaurants and markets. Thankfully the snow flurries held off until this morning, but it was bitterly cold as we trudged around the Tower after the Beefeater giving the tour.

This blog has lately been history trips interspersed with cookie recipes, so I’m not going to wax lyrical about the tales from the Tower…even though it’s absolutely my favourite thing in London.

Well. Maybe second favourite…

Ali admitted she could eat ice cream in a snow storm (or something), so I immediately dragged her up the Northern line to Camden for get Liquid Nitrogen ice cream at Chin Chin Labs. Yes it was amazing, yes it was Instagrammed, no, I don’t care that you’re too cool to Instagram your food.

And, apart from the moment where I thought I’d potentially broken all the toes in my left foot leaping down from the Trafalgar square lions, everything went smoothly and we had one amazing weekend. Also, Ali is now a fully-fledged Studio 60 fan, so, my work here is done.

Ali, come back soon, for I’m cracking open the smuggled Dunkin coffee and I need my cookie partner in crime to excuse the five I’m about to eat! Or maybe I should make the trip out to North Carolina…yes. Yes, that should happen.

I hope it’s soon!

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  1. I love when people come to visit me! It gives me a reason to go around to museums and walk through St. James’s park.

    I have never been to the Tower. I clearly need to take my next batch of visitors there.

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