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#quantified2016: [and I’m] back in the game


Coffee and bullet journaling

Do you like to write lists? Do you have a full Notes section on your phone, and a busy (but disorganised) Evernote account and a crazy Google calendar and a Day Designer and still feel like you have more notes in you looking for a place where they won’t die a death?

Well thanks to my friend Lia, I’ve have found the sacred land of bullet journaling. I HAV FOUND MAH PEOPLES. In one journal: full year overview, month overview, day to day overview, space for random thoughts, a way of moving tasks on without losing track of them, a way of tracking habits each month, space to doodle down random ‘places I would definitely visit if I won the lottery’ lists, favourite Hamilton tracks by number of times played each month…whatever you want. You just set it up!

And Pinterest/Instagram are absolute treasure troves of people creating and displaying beautifully doodled and washi-taped journals. There’s even a subreddit (of course there is). It’s as flexible as you want to make it. I am in ze lurve. ?

So with a successful May under my belt, and this going into June, I’m feeling very smug/satisfied indeed. Thank you May: you were just what I needed.

gym 3x per week (at least)? tick

personal project movement? tick

Feeling like essential work is well-planned and even having time for me to lead the team in more creative sessions? tick

Making progress through the tome that is the Hamilton biography? tick tick

Shout outs and all the props must go to my friend Sam, who not only became my accountability buddy halfway through the month, but actually has kept it up with me. Knowing that I have to text her at the end of the week and say ‘I did this’ (or at least ‘I tried to do this, but it’s now next week’s task’) is such a massive help for me. She’s probably less loving the cheesy motivation quotes and music that I send midweek. Whoops >.<

Come on then June. Let’s be having you. You’ve got a lot to live up to…

June goals:

  • Finish the Chernow biography
  • Gym 3x plus 2 yoga sessions per week
  • More personal project movement
  • Pick & do 3 things on my Summer Bucket List

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