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#quantified2016: april showers bring May flowers


Quantified 2016| laura Tosney

If March was the reset button, then April has been…err…how do I do this again? It’s been remembering what little things worked for me, trying to put the blocks back together in some semblance of a house.

A few things I’ve figured out about my own habits this month:

  • I really need a consistent routine for working out, but having a consistent routine bores me. I tried doing ad-hoc workouts (NTC app, running, swimming etc) for the first part of April, but didn’t feel like I was making any actual progress fitness-wise. So I’ve gone back to the strength routine I had before, and now May’s challenge is to add in interesting sports/games/walks/runs/etc to make the boring gym bit worth doing.
  • Tuesdays are my Kryptonite. Mondays are brilliant, Tuesdays are a struggle. Which means Tuesdays have to start with a cafetiere of black coffee. It may be decaf, but it’s a signal to my brain that it’s time to knuckle down and work.
  • The Headspace app works well on the tube to work.  You are so, so zen about the fact the guy next to you has his Metro in your face, and there’s a woman standing on your toe every three minutes…so zen…
  • Chrome Nanny. You just gotta.
  • Adding any more than five things to a to-do list at any one time means that I’m less likely to do any of them. But add less than that, and I’m likely to do all of them that day (and often more).
  • Use the strategy of scheduling (thanks Gretchen Rubin!) to make sure you don’t waste hours of your life scrolling through reddit/instagram/twitter etc. and actually sit down and write (I’ve been writing! yay!) and read (I’ve been reading! yay!)

And the interesting thing for me, is that by making myself do these blog posts each month and be brutally honest with myself about what is going well and what isn’t, and also to renew the promises I made to myself at the beginning of the year… it’s really helping. It doesn’t matter if literally no-one reads this, because it made me realise this month how little time I’d put into my big project, and how much I really want it to work. Which means it may be May, and I may have little to show so far, but there’s still 8 months before the end of the year, and I’m not giving up yet. Which I may honestly have done by now, if it wasn’t for these blog posts.

So that’s good…

Quantified 2016| laura Tosney

Also: mini habits that are making me happy:

  • the habit of… buying flowers every week (or when they need replacing)
  • the habit of… drinking water first thing on a morning
  • the habit of… changing the sheets every week (I know you should anyway but I just love clean sheet day so much)
  • the habit of… switching off social media on an evening and opening a book instead. Nearly 300 pages into this beast. (Only about 400 to go, crikey).
  • the habit of… taking 1 second of video and writing 1 line a day for memories down the line (thanks to my lovely colleagues who gave me this gorgeous book for my birthday!)

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