I’m so excited it’s the weekend! After a heavy workload for a couple of weeks, I’m glad to have a couple of days to lie flat on my face and do nothing; Chief basically has the right idea. Maybe there’ll be a bit of cycling in there, and some errands and maybe brunch, and damn, I do have my final long run before the 10k next week but other than that…! I will not be moving for the world. Here’s some weekend reading for you – have a good one!

– The Disruption Myth

– there’s a giant Hippo in the Thames! I can confirm, it’s adorable.

– The theory of awesomeness

– Time for weekend pinning… Current loves: these gorgeous textiles by Caitlin Wilson and this Apple Crisp ice cream recipe from Fabtastic Eats. Yes!!

– My favourite coverage that came out of the Scottish Indyref was basically John Oliver’s spot. #Unicorn

– Food 52’s 8 favourite food blogs of the week

– 16 instagram accounts that will make you dream of Ireland

– How long would it take you to read the entirety of the Game of Thrones? Or Anna Karenina? This infographic can tell you.

– Moleskine released a coffee journal. Oh. Yes.

– I never found bull terriers cute until these adorable photo/illustrations

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