Good morning! Can you believe it’s nearly December? Is it just me or did this year go by like lightening? Barely a roll of thunder remains to carry you into 2015… the Christmas lights are up (I made a ‘tree’ because we have entirely no space for a proper one) and I’m mulling all the apple juice and wine because this is what dark evenings call for. Anyway, it’s grey and overcast here and I have 5 hours of singing ahead of me. But you…you can sit and read about all the lovely internet things. With a cup of tea. Just for a minute…

* A jacket of the future for the supremely directionally-challenged (i.e. me)

* The loveliest of TedEds: Why Elephants Never Forget

* Did you see the dreadful ‘Barbie: a Computer Engineer’ book? I mean, sure, a company that can’t get a girl’s feet-to-body ratio correct probably can’t comprehend the fact that women can code their own computer games. But the internet CAN so, feast your eyes on the gloriousness that is #FeministHackerBarbie.

* The coolest-looking way to donate to charity. When this is a real thing, it will be AMAZING.

* Five great thoughts to live by.

* The secret language of girls on instagram (tbh, so true)

* More beautiful things have been pinned!

* 10 proven ways to make or break a habit

* How to wake up early and get your workout done for the day

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