Got your coffee? Got your salted pistachio chocolate? (You need some of this in your life) Good. Sip and read on…

10 college hacks that actually stand up outside the dorm, including: mcguyvered-one-cup-coffee brewing, how to chill drinks fast & how to stop your drinks stacks taking up all that fridge space.

The Kitchn Cure – an Autumn clear-out guide to organising your kitchen workspace

– Just in case Youtubers have passed you by, here’s an article about a couple. There’s like a zillion more of them…

British female jihadis are running al-Khanssaa, an all-women militia set up by IS in Raqqa, Syria

– There are just FIVE female CEOs in the FTSE100. Who are they?

The inside story of how Microsoft killed the Courier, i.e. the only tablet I’ve ever, ever wanted to own and Microsoft were all “BUT THE EMAIL. WHERE IS THE EMAIL”. Sigh.

– “if money were no object”

– Viking Warriors: also actually female

Latest pinspiration (slow cooker baked apples, rainy scenes, all the autumnal things and the most beautiful J.Crew scarf ever)

– And finally, 50 brilliant long reads for your e-reader

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