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So in 2013 I said I would:
* Visit 3 places I’d never been before… check

Tintagel, Cornwall


* Knit something that wasn’t a scarf… sort of check

(baby steps on this one, I guess)

* Master Pastry … hmm

I’m much more confident making it now I’ve reminded myself how easy it is and simply not to panic when it comes to bringing it together and not overworking it…but when I saw there’s a zillion blocks of butter in breakfast pastry, I just couldn’t bring myself to make it!

The other goals were: * Run the London 10K (check!) * Read more Non-fiction (half check!) * Ride my board more (quarter check…) * Improve my photography (check! I hope, anyway) and * Keep blogging… definitely CHECK. Also in 2013 I took on new, challenging clients, took an opportunity that may lead to something potentially amazing in 2014 and came to realise something towards the end of the year that put me in a much more balanced and happy place work-wise. Oh and, my favourite person proposed, so now I have a legit reason to spend time on Pinterest… 😉

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