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Sky Garden


Have you heard of the Sky Garden at the top of the Walkie Talkie? I had no idea it even existed until the fiance spotted an IanVisits blog post about it, and grabbed us two tickets. Amused because, we thought it would be like NYC’s Highline, but it’s more “highline for the 1%” as Sean put it…

Less sky ‘garden’, more ‘sky cafe and bar with a pleasant bit of foliage’. But the views are amazing, and the tickets are free, so, why not!?

I’ll tell you what though, it’s freaky to stand in front of the Shard at the left hand side of the viewing platform, walk to the right and see, directly in front of you…the Shard. How does that even work? The science of perspective is not my strong point.

Afterwards we wandered around Bank/St Pauls area, revelling in the quietness and the fact that we found an insane tiny Tesco chock full of American treats, a hot sandwich bar and a ton of Snapple and Arizona soda. (Nearly £3 a bottle, like). It was the first weekend since 2014 that we’d spent some time out in central London, enjoying the crazy good things the city has to offer – and for free.

2015: more tourist days in our own city. Yes please.

(PS: some other ‘grams from the morning here)

2 comments on “Sky Garden”

  1. Beautiful photos, Laura! The colors are fantastic, a real sanctuary in the sky. And I think that your daytime shots trump those taken at night (on the other blog). The people do look rather 1% (a bit ironic as it’s free?)… maybe it’s mostly the lady in the hat in the second to last photo. I love the composition of that one!

    1. Thank you Ali! It would be so cool to be up there at sunset/dusk, I’m sure! Maybe when you’re over in London next 😉 x

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