Smushy face


There is nothing better than going home and being greeted by the dog of a thousand faces. Say ChEEEEse Chief!

LOOK AT THAT FACE! I don’t believe there is a person on earth that couldn’t love it. He is the happiest, most spoilt rotten dog ever.

Shall we throw this slimy, saliva-filled ball for you Chief? Of course we shall. Oh are you a bit pooped? Let’s have a rest, right here then. And then later you can have your slightly stiff hip rubbed and lay down on a soft bed. Or the sofa, because I think you’ve claimed that too.

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It’s the life, Chief, isn’t it? And so is mine. Because I too had my slightly stiff hip massaged, and my stomach filled with home-cooked food, and I was picked up and packed off from the train station with big hugs and love. We’re the luckiest, aren’t we Chief? Yes. Yes we are.

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