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There’ll be bluuuebirrrds ooover the whiiiite cliffs of Doverrr…


So it turns out having lived a pebble’s throw from one of Britain’s best beaches (and a legit Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) spoils you for every beach within easy reach of London. What are all these stones about, South Shore of England?

Pah. Still, if anything, it aided our seeing Whitstable, Canterbury AND the cliffs/Castle of Dover in two days, because we weren’t tempted to stay and lay on the  beach for hours. Even with the beautiful weather. (Can you say one arm driving tan? Or rather, one arm driving freckles?)

Scuse all the portrait-style shots in this post: I only had the 50mm lens on most of the time as it was toooo hot to carry around a heavier lens/camera combo. Shame really, because there’s some really lovely buildings/streets in Canterbury and Whitstable and I didn’t even come close to capturing them at all. I fell in love with the above building though. 1778! And it had a gorgeous roof (can roofs be gorgeous?! This was. All rickety and probably awesome-looking in the rain. But I digress).

We didn’t get to see the entirety of Canterbury Cathedral as some lucky little things were graduating (…remember that? Sigh) and they’d closed a fair amount of it off. Still, pretty cool to wander around, and spotted the headless Thomas A Becket statue, which made more sense after visiting the ruins of St. Augustine’s Abbey, ransacked by Henry VIII, of course, because the man was a right…bleep. Anyway. If you’re ever in Canterbury, there’s the world’s most organised second-hand bookshop (definitely pop in there) and if you’re ever in the way of the Two Sawyers, their burgers are HUGE. And DELICIOUS. And there’s a really cute pub dog, and I’m all for pub dogs.

And finally, one from the phone of the glorious cliffs:

Such a stunning sight! We spent a lush hour or so lying on the clifftops, watching ferries coming in and out of the port. Oh and by the way, Dover Castle is immense. Really! Do the World War II tunnels if you’re there: well worth the bit of queuing. And did you know that Henry II ground up precious stones like lapis lazuli (which at the time was more expensive than gold) to make pigment for painting the main chamber of the castle?? Oh, and he sewed together something like 25 arctic squirrel pelts to make the guest duvet cover. Dude was like King Kanye of his day.

Welp, sadly that’s the end of the ‘holiday’ posts for a while and real life now beckons, but first, a delicious coffee with the boy’s crazy-looking Chemex…

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