#bucketlistsummer2016: strawberry coconut popsicles


coconut strawberry popsicles recipe

London has decreed it is officially summer… the sun is sunning, hayfever is hayfevering, and iced tea becomes the drink of choice. Also, I want to eat allll the ice cream. ALlll of it.

These lollipops (or popsicles if you are American/spend too much time on Pinterest) are a cinch to make and take about 15 minutes max to throw together. Also the first time I’ve used coconut milk in anything rather than dairy. It’s SO GOOD OMG.

coconut strawberry popsicles recipe

I used Sugar & Cloth’s recipe, but omitted the balsamic vinegar, and eyeballed the sugar because I haven’t tried the whole strawberry-balsamic thing and yeah it sounds nice, but I like my ice cream to be sweeeet… but maybe I’ll branch out soon >.<
coconut strawberry popsicles recipeIt’s time for a second one right? Ice cream for breakfast? All right then…

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