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T’was the night before voting…

“i think that we’re mostly talking…are we reaching people who are diametrically opposed to what we believe? No, I don’t think so…but this is the way it’s always been. We believe what we believe and it’s really hard to create change, and that’s why we’re having the same conversations about social problems in each generation.”

RG: Somehow nuance is no longer appreciated. It’s “I’m right and you’re wrong and we’re completely unwilling to acknowledge that we might disagree but still have important things to say – “Because you’re wrong I’m going to demean you, and I’m going to discredit you” – and it’s unfortunate that discourse has evolved in this way.”
NP: Yeah, it’s not necessarily “I’m right and you’re wrong”, it’s “I’m right and you’re evil.”

Amen, that there Roxanne Gay, speaking to Nerdette Podcast. It’s the night before the big General Election and I’m a little excited to vote (because voting) but also a little frustrated, because, much like most everyone else, there are so many parts of manifestos I would like to stir together to make some sort of rainbow-party-manifesto, that voting for any one seems like a waste of a vote. Or rather, seems like a wasted opportunity to make a difference.

But I just wanted to share this quote…it really jumped out at me during a run while I was musing on this. They’re discussing American political discourse in theory, but really, where in the world can’t that apply to now? The latter sentence really struck a chord with me, given that I saw a fair few people disclose their Vote for Policies results that showed they were, while often a majority of one party, still a fan of a range of party policies…so unless we’re all a percentage evil, it would be nice if we could chill a little on the insane rhetoric. Though, having seen the front pages today, I don’t see that happening any time soon. Maybe everyone could just read the final few chapters of David Mitchell’s terrifyingly good The Bone Clocks and see what we’re heading towards?


Anyway. Have fun voting everyone…get out there first thing and fill in that ballot! Oh but, watch Election Wipe first. You’re probably going to need a laugh before what may be to come…

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