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Wednesday snapshot


Up. Workout. Dress. Breakfast. News (twitter). Read (twitter). Bus, train (podcast), desk. Tea.

I’d like to still be reading/watching all the Noir films; Ella Fitzgerald’s theme is even better now I understand the book/story it’s attached to. It’s the right weather for it anyway… a day or two of rain and cool weather is actually quite welcome when you’re a fitful sleeper in the warmth.

PS: The BBC says there’s 7,000 vacant shops in London but Merton Council still want to close Wimbledon Library to use it for a ‘retail/commercial use’. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE sign this petition: it’s a brilliant, vibrant library and one of the best I’ve used in London. To see it disappear would be absolutely awful and for no bloody good reason other than greed. If you’ve ever been to Wimbledon, you’ll know it’s well-stocked with places TO BUY STUFF. It’s not, however, well stocked with places you can go, read a book, have a one-to-one languages tutorial, use the computers, use the facilities, see mother-and-baby groups, knitting groups…and so on ad nauseum. It’s a real community hub, so please help save it!

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